Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had a walk today to sort some things out around my old estate and couldn't believe the proliferation of litter. It amazes me that people live around this. Is it now always someone else's responsibility to pick it up? Should we just whinge about the litter louts that blight our country?

These small pieces of filth in a relatively small amount of numbers can instantly reduce the quality of an area. Do your country, your estate, the environment a favour and either don't drop it in the first place or be a good person and pick some up an throw it in the nearest bin.

I did my bit today (again). One whole carrier bag of cans and plastic bottles straight in the recycling bin at home, ready to be used again in a more useful way instead of sitting there awaiting the other person who responsibility it is to pick it up.

I'll keep on doing my bit. If everyone did there very little bit what a better and cleaner place we would be.

Rant over.