Monday, September 21, 2009

Lib Dems Public Sector Pay Freeze and £1 million Home Tax

A Personal View

As a Public Sector worker I listened with interest at the suggestion of a pay freeze as part of the whole package to enable to the countries finances to be brought back under control.

I have always worked in the Health Service and have never had a year when I didn't receive a cost of living increase. Given the state of the finances of Britain and what non-public sector workers are having to sacrifice to maintain their jobs and keep their companies going I don't think some sacrifice on the part of the public sector would go a miss.

There are also people losing their employment left, right and centre and during this recession I have never felt at risk, although I know this doesn't apply to all PS workers. Hopefully a freeze would secure the employment of more of these workers without the need for further job cuts.

Having said this, if there could be a re-balance between the tax the rich pay and the poor and the minimum tax threshold could be lifted to £10000 this would benefit all workers and would give a large section of society that needs it a significant boost in income.

I am more for hitting the exclusively rich that put significant effort in to avoiding paying their liabilities by exploiting loopholes in tax law that their highly paid Accountants find for them.

How the £1 million home tax rule would be administered eludes me but given that people living in areas of the south have not put themselves in this situation but have been put here by the ridiculous property market we would have to be careful not to penalise the wrong sections of our community. I'm sure the detailed explanation will clarify this system.

I don't think the Unions really ought to go overboard regarding a freeze if the Liberal Democrats can deliver on the threshold increase the amount of the members that would benefit I'm sure would be substantial.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liberal Democrats Conference September 2009

Really enjoying the twitter feeds and upto date news stories being sent from the Liberal Democrats conference this year.

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The above references are always good for information.