Saturday, August 29, 2009


Why is life full of these irritating little things. At least I can say
that done of them are off my list for a while. At least of them when
done can give you a sense of accomplishment.

It also meant that I could read an interesting Lib Dem paper in peace
and to the end. Ready for the next one. At least I'm a little more
educated now.

Long weekend at least. Wondering what to check off tomorrow. I think I
might at least have lay in.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nottingham City Council Democracy

Nottingham City Council have a section on "Council and Democracy" on their website like most councils. It gives you the opportunity to submit a question to be answered publicly in a Full Council meeting as long as the question doesn't fall in to certain criteria.

This is how it is meant to work anyway.

I had a few thoughts about an issue mentioned in a press release just before the summer holidays that I felt

On submission of a question on the website, which I believe fell in to acceptable criteria, it was directed by the Customer Relations Department to a department they felt was relevant without any explanation of why this was not put forward for Full Council hearing.

May be the Customer Relations department feel that it is their job to keep oiks like me away from out Lord and Master Labour Councillor Portfolio Holders. It might explain why there has been no written questions to full council in the last 14 months and only one oral question in January 2009.

I was a little put out so have emailed Customer Relations and Committee Services for a response and some clarification. Hopefully their future communication and procedures will be more customer friendly.

I wait with baited breath!


I've had an email from Customer Services who realised their mistake and forwarded it forthwith to the Committee Team for reading and investigation.

The question was read out in Full Council on 14th September 2009. There was also an absolute stack of questions about one issue with Licenced properties on Churchfield Lane, Radford