Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arnold Carnival

Off to Arnold Carnival today. From last years review it looks like an extremely popular event. I think I'm going to have to park a bit away and walk in from the looks of it but considering i walk down the longest cul-de-sac in Europe (about 1/2 mile) yesterday delivering leaftlets both sides I think we can cope with it.

Looking forward to the caribean carnival this year but am disappointed with myself that I went and missed the asian Mela in Nottingham City Centre. Oh well may be next year. These are wonderful, colourful and vibrant events that celebrate the uniqueness of these cultures but I can't think of any event that celebrates british culture in large event form and what would be at that event. Have we got such a boring culture and a willingness to just blend in and not drawing to much attention to ourselves like the person who can't dance at a party or are we too afraid that an event like this could slightly cross the line and be misread as overly nationalist.

I'm sure there must be still some forms of britshness that could be put in to a carnival of some sort.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Meadows, Nottingham

On Thursday as part of the Election Campaign I assisted in delivering leaftlets around the Meadows area of Nottingham.

I have never particularly spent a significant amount of the around the estate itself it was a nice day and a lovely walk. The one thing I can say is that you tend to only hear negative stories about the area but on my walk that the people I passed where polite and curteous and generally had a "good day" or "hello" for you. This applied to people of all ages and all creeds. They were a credit to the area.

I must say that the community garden near one of the schools looked fantastic as well.

Although I was a little lost around the inner streets of the estate. I look forward to a repeat walk around at some point in the future.