Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lib Dem FOCUS delivery.

It's getting near election time and like all the parties we will be
out delivering our Focus leaflets, although we do this all the time
and not just at elections. During election time obviously the info in
the leaflet changes slightly.

The ward i'm working in has about 35 hours worth of delivery so when
you are doing this every two weeks it can mean a tremendous amount of

Even though I'm not one of the candidates it gives you plenty of
opportunity to see if there is anything that needs reporting to the
Council. Another thing it gives you plenty of chances to do is
actually meet the people and have a bit of a chat. I had a good talk
with someone this morning and said hello to plenty of people. At least
a face to the person putting things through your door.

There are going to be people that aren't interested in either
politics, your party or even their local community. But one thing that
I'm afraid really annoys me is the odd occasion when, you are a couple
of doors away, the person inside just shoves the leaflet out of the
letterbox in to the street or their garden. This is just littering. If
you don't want the info whether it would be a political leaflet (any
party), that pizza menu, Chinese takeaway or charity bag please just
recycle it.

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