Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toys, Toys, Toys everywhere

I don't think I'm a person to particularly prone to giving in to my childrens demands but, boy, have they amassed a large amount of toys.  These things were favorites for  while but not as long as when I was younger and generally got presents/toys at Christmas time.

I can only guess it is because we have more disposable income than we my parents were younger. It does represent a massive waste of money though over time.  The only thing is the youngest with his mild aspergers is very focused on his toys and still plays with hsi very specific items regularly.  The eldest has moved on to the stage of computer/electronic games.

As it is a bit on the cold side outside it was time for a toy audit.  Partly to clear space and partly to collect all the relevant parts together.   This is now done, apart from putting some of the Lego together.

Now all have have to do is get rid of the filtered out material as not many people are interested in second hand material.

I still think I'm going to hae the Thomas The Tank Engine material around the house for a number of years yet. 

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